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Easy Dessert Recipes

Today’s post is entirely about the concept of easy dessert recipes, with some tips and advice. So often in our present modern days do we encounter situations where we do not even have the time to make a simple dessert which we can sit down, relax, enjoy and eat. In spite of the fact that newer technology is making things easier and faster than ever before, we still face the phenomena of ‘lack of time’. In such a world, easy dessert recipes have become more important than they ever were.

When making desserts, it is essential that they are delicious, as dessert is the part of a meal that we look most forward to much of the time. The rewards of making a wonderful dessert are not only that we enjoy it, but it also makes us happy looking at our family members or guests who are enjoying it too. Easy dessert recipes help us a lot in this aspect. Since they are easier to make, we have more time to concentrate on making sure that they turn out well. Naturally, we do not face as many problems in making easy dessert recipes as we do when making dessert recipes are grandly elegant yet extremely difficult.

However, there comes another problem in this. To be able to make an easy dessert recipe, or choose an easy dessert recipe, we must be able to differentiate between recipes which are hard and recipes which are easy. By understanding this, we will in future be able to choose dessert recipes with much more ease and save ourselves even more time and effort. So, what factors makes a dessert recipe easy?


In general, one factor that determines how easy or hard a dessert recipe is can be said to be the ingredients that go into making it. When considering the ingredients that make a dessert, one must consider the number of ingredients to be used, and also the types of ingredients that are going to be used.

Most people think that the fewer the number of ingredients that a dessert is made with, the easier it will be to make it. This may be true in some cases, but not in all. A dessert recipe may seem to be difficult due to the fact that there are a lot of ingredients on the ingredient list. But most of these ingredients may just be simple spices or flavourings to enhance the flavour of the dessert. Examples of this are spices such as cinnamon, and flavourings such as vanilla essence. You don’t have to do much with these ingredients. Just sprinkle them in as directed by the dessert recipe. Most of these common ingredients may even already be in your pantry or refrigerator.

A better indicator of whether a dessert recipe will be easy for you or whether it will cause difficulty is the availability of the ingredients involved. If the ingredients needed for the dessert recipe are sitting in your pantry right now, all the easier for you. And if the ingredients are available in your local store, and it isn’t too much trouble for you to go out and get them, then that’s great too. But if the ingredients needed are not available to you from any store that’s nearby, then it would be a dessert recipe that will take a lot more trouble to make. If it’s possible to substitute the ingredient, and you know how to do it, that could solve the problem. But if you’re not sure about it and it’s a vital ingredient in the recipe, then it could result in a catastrophe. Incidentally, here is also an ingredient substitution list that you might find handy: Ingredient Substitution.

Certain ingredients also need to be handled more carefully and precisely than others, and these ingredients are known to cause a lot of trouble for most people. One of these is butter, which needs to used at the right temperature… Not too hot or too cold. And another one is whipped egg whites, which needs to be handled delicately. If you have had problems dealing with these ingredients before, or you’ve never tried making desserts with those ingredients and you are in a hurry to prepare an easy dessert for tonight’s dinner, then it might be advisable to avoid them for the time being.

Recipe Size

Naturally, when the size of the recipe, or in other words the serving size for the dessert recipe, is smaller, the hassle needed to complete the recipe will be somewhat less in most cases. This is due several reasons. Some people may have limited kitchen space to layout all their items, some people may not have enough or big enough bowls for holding the ingredients, you will need bigger equipment or mix several times in small batches, and for the obvious reason that it is just more work.

This is not always the case, as some small recipes require delicate precision in assembling or may burn easily in the oven. But in general, a smaller recipe that fits your needs for the moment will almost always be much easier to make than a large recipe. Consider that your guests will be very full after a large meal, and also that there are many people who are watching their weight.


Some dessert will require a lot of procedures in order for the dessert to come out nicely, such as dessert with choux. Dessert recipes with less directions involved are more desirable as easy dessert recipes. But that in itself does not make a recipe easy, as some recipes are seen to have very little number of steps, but the steps involved may be written obscurely and are open to interpretation to those who are less experienced in dessert making. Therefore, a good easy dessert recipe is one with little number of steps involved, but those steps are clear and easy to follow.

Apart from the number of procedures involved, certain desserts will be easier to make for some people based on the type of procedure involved. No-bake type desserts are generally considered to be much easier for many people than recipes which required baking. No-bake type dessert recipes are also much faster to make too. When choosing an easy dessert to make, remember that as an option you can consider these types of desserts as well.


Apart from all the points listed above is the problem of perspective. What comes to me as an easy dessert may not necessarily come as an easy dessert to you. So it is up to you to determine what types of ingredients are easily available to you and you have confidence in handling, the recipe size you need which is just right or which will make the recipe less difficult for you, and what procedures you may or may not want to go through.

Of course, there are desserts which are universally easy for people of all ages, such as a plate of fruit or a bowl of ice-cream, but I’m sure that if you were thinking of making those types of desserts, you wouldn’t be be here reading this post. :)

So, in conclusion, I hope this post helped you discover more about the different points of views from which you can see easy desserts. Next time you are looking for an easy dessert recipe, remember these factors and you will be able to find what you are looking for much more easily… If you have any other factors which you think help make an easy dessert, feel free to comment below.



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